Dempsey Back to MLS?

Dempsey Back to MLS?
Posted on August 05, 2013 by Tim

After years of fighting for respect among the upper echelons of European soccer, why would Clint Dempsey suddenly about-face and hightail it back to the MLS?

That's the question on many soccer focused minds these days as fans of the U.S. captain, and USMNT, try figure out if this was a best-case, worst-case, or whatever-case scenario as we inch closer to the World Cup in Brazil.

Big Ambitions

For starters, what suddenly happened to Clint Dempsey's ambitions of Champions League football? Just last season the 30-year-old forward pushed a Fulham side keen on keeping his talents at Craven Cottage to ship him off to top tier Tottenham Hotspur.

"The transfer window is open until August 31," he altered the British press last summer. "It's no secret that I would like to play Champions League one day in my career."

Tottenham ultimately recouped their transfer fee courtesy of the Seattle Sounders with the MLS kicking in a chunk of change. Seriously, that must sound strange to fans of the other American sports.

Of course, that answer will likely only be parsed with time.

Perhaps it was the pending competition the captain was concerned over. The additions of Roberto Soldado and the Brazilian Paulinho may have created a power vacuum in which Deuce's playing time would have been sucked out a window.

How many captains of national teams looking to make a deep run in the World Cup don't get playing time at their respective clubs? I don't have any answer. Really, I'm asking. I guess fans wouldn't be overly confident heading to Brazil if the team's captain wasn't quality enough to find time on the pitch. Not that Deuce is worried about that (see video below).

However, for now we can always speculate by dissecting this rap.Because really, anything short of talking candidly with Deuce is no less reliable.

By the EPL Numbers

2006/07 Club: Fulham Starts: 1 Goals: 1 Assists: 0

2007/08 Club: Fulham Starts: 29 Goals: 6 Assists: 1

2008/09 Club: Fulham Starts: 28 Goals: 7 Assists: 2

2009/10 Club: Fulham Starts: 27 Goals: 7 Assists: 3

2010/11 Club: Fulham Starts: 35 Goals: 12 Assists: 3

2011/12 Club: Fulham Starts: 37 Goals: 17 Assists: 6

2012/13 Club: Tottenham Starts: 22 Goals: 7 Assists: 4