US (2) vs. Mexico (0): Player Ratings

US (2) vs. Mexico (0): Player Ratings
Posted on September 18, 2013 by Tim

The Kick Republic Ratings Scale: (On a scale of 1, Absolutely Canadian; to 10, Übermensch)

What's the German phrase for Global Collaboration? Because really, that's what we are getting these days with Team USA soccer.

Globale Zusammenarbeit

While some men wearing U.S. soccer jerseys these days may not have grown up All-Americans, certain members of the USMNT born abroad are quickly finding a nice little home among the American sporting public.

Call it Das Deutsch Einfluss!

And its starts with the coach, Jürgen Klinsmann, whose footballing style is beginning to take root on the American game. Toss in a few German born starters for Team USA to nicely suppliment the American mainstays and you've got a cohesive group that has won 12 of its last 13 games.

Klinsmann once again pressed all the right levers against Mexico, including another timely sub (Mix Diskerud) that directly impacted a goal within two minutes on the pitch.

Chopping Down El Tri

Taking down El Tri on U.S. soil is becoming expected, but sometimes the players rising to the occasion are unexpected. Here's how the U.S. did it this time.

And remember, the ratings (on a scale of 1, diabolical; to 10, world class):

Tim Howard: After buckling under some early Mexican pressure, the American back line was able to pull itself together. However, without Tim Howard in goal, El Tri (Giovanni Dos Santos, 43rd minute, and on Diego Reyes, 45th) may have put one, possibly two on the board. Despite his advancing age (36), and backup that is often lightsout for Aston Villa, expect Klinsmann to keep this superman in net at least through Brazil World Cup 2014. 8 Übermensch.

Fabian Johnson: You'd expect a German to be an ubermensh on the pitch, but Fabian Johnson looked absolutely Canadian at times against Mexico. On several occasions he was lost on defense and never achieved any forward flowing momentum. He was yanked in the BLANK minute with a tight hammy.

Why we need to cut him some slack: It was only his second time with the U.S team at right back. His performance was reminiscent of the Canadian summer, lukewarm and buggy. A lukewarm Canadian summer ranking of 5.0.

Clarence Goodson: What's the clearance, Clarence? He set the bar pretty high with a very respectable performance against the Mexicans, especially considering he was essentially a last minute injury replacement. He shut down the Mexican attack for much of the game after the first 15 minutes. Colonel Klinsmann will be penciling him in for Brazil. Get your USMNT # 21 jerseys while the aren't hot. 7.5

Jermaine Jones: Another German-Connection (it'd be so much better for the editorial department if half the team was French instead of German) the GERMAN TEAM forward patrolled the midfield with (german or french) with carte blanche (see?). On botht he defensive and offensive end Jones was always in control. A very German national team 8 Übermensches for the former German (school boy or national)

Kyle Beckerman: In the "we don't give awards for trying" department, Beckerman had the unenviable role of filling in for perhaps the most important playa on the American national team. And he did more than try. He gave Klinsman a solid performance, forcing several turnovers and, most importantly, allowed the play makers to do their jobs. Beckerman is one pretty darn good reason the U.S. held a decided possession advantage. Give that boy a 7.

Alejadro Bedoya: It's not easy the first time out of the gate but Bedoya gave a solid perfromance considering the pressure that comes with a World Cup qualifying premiere. And it against a regional nemesis. Ranking 6.

Omar Gonzalez: Similar to Goodson, Gonzalez put forth an impressive effort to all but ensure he will be on the U.S team at next year’s World Cup. Gonzalez was sharp breaking up attacks and won most 50/50 balls in his area. Rating: 7.5

Clint Dempsey: Clint is spending too much time thinking about his MLS record paying transfer, or maybe his rap career. There were times I forgot he was playing, for real. And shanking a free kick in stoppage time with a 2-0 lead and absolutley zero pressure? He wasn't giving it his all, Captian! An aboslutely Canadian (Just like Scotty was) rating of 4.5.

Eddie Johnson: We get it: Eddie Johnson is awesome up in the air. So why don't otehr teams get it? Maybe they do, but can do nothing to stop him. Either way, the Donovan to Johnson set play makes the USMNT dangers to any team in the world. Rating: 7.5

Landon Donovan: He really is the best American player ever. He's motoro is always going and he seems to have the same leg drive and speed in the 90th minute as he does in the 5th. Watch him chase down balls heading out of bounds late in teh game. Donavan is nonstop power. Another day at the office for Donavan: one assist, one goal. He's so good I doubt he's ever been to Canada. He probably can't even spell it. A totally awesome Übermensch. 9!