We’re Number 13! U.S. Jumps 6 Spots in FIFA Rankings

We’re Number 13! U.S. Jumps 6 Spots in FIFA Rankings
Posted on September 22, 2013 by Tim

So far its been a pretty good fall for the ol' USMNT.

First the Americans defeated Mexico last Tuesday night, and later that evening earned a spot in the 2014 World Cup after Honduras and Panama tied. Then on the basis of that last win the team jumped six spots to 13 in the FIFA World Rankings and is now the No. 1 team in the Concacaf region.

Not bad for a bunch of regional upstarts. (Isn't that what the British considered the colonist?

(Photo- This horse knows we are watching! BTW- they had lasers?)

The United States moved up the most among teams in the top 20, followed by Uruguay (No. 7) and Chile (No. 16), both of which gained five places. Bosnia and Herzegovina fell five places to No. 18. Mexico, which is struggling to advance to Brazil, fell one place to No. 21.

What Does it all Mean?

Let's forget for a moment that Brazil is ranked eight and the Spanish team they spanked 3-0 a few months ago is sitting pretty at Numero Uno.

We love us some rankings in the U.S. of A. and if that means suspending a bit of disbelief to claim we are close to the world's elite, so be it! We're No. 13 damnit!

Here is what the casual fan of the U.S.A (meaning fans of the actual country who will show up at Jimmy's Bar&bbq in a Donovan tee next summer to chant USA and ask you what offside is) is making of the rankings:

"Sh!t, 13? Hell, the Dolphins are 13 in the ESPN Power Rankings and I've got them as my sleeper to win the whole thing! Damn!"

Next up, Jamiaca!