We Can't Win... Yet!

We Can't Win... Yet!
Posted on June 08, 2014 by Tim

So maybe declaring "we can't win" is a touch un-American, but if we are going to grow as a soccer nation we don't need Jurgen Klinsmann patronizing us.

As much as we want the U.S. to win at the World Cup, we must be realistic about the team's chances. In December, Jurgen Klinsmann told European-based reporter Sam Borden of The New York Times that the United States cannot win this World Cup. The quote was held for a piece released in early June, creating shock waves around the sports world that a coach would admit his team has no chance to win.

Klinsmann is right. If by some chance the United States can get out of the toughest group in Brazil, the team will likely face Russia or Belgium before a draw against either Lionel Messi and Argentina or whichever team is good enough to beat them.

Get through that, somehow, and Brazil, Spain, the Netherlands, Uruguay or Italy awaits. Get past one of them, and another—or perhaps Germany again—will be waiting in the final.